Do's And Don'ts When Using And Caring For Granite Kitchen Countertops

Posted on: 24 March 2016

Granite kitchen countertops can make any kitchen feel chic and modern, and they are a great addition when you are renovating your home or building a new kitchen. Once you have installed your granite countertops you may think that you are all set and done. However, there are a few things that you should and shouldn't do when caring for and using granite countertops in order to ensure that they last you a lifetime.
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Addressing Two Hardwood Floor Maintenance Questions

Posted on: 13 March 2016

Hardwood flooring can provide you with numerous benefits when compared to other flooring options. This type of floor can have a natural appearance that can complement almost any home decor, and it is also a highly durable option. However, hardwood floors can suffer wear, tear and other problems. To understand how to address some of these problems, you should consider the following answers to two frequent questions. What Can Be Done For Faded Hardwood Flooring?
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How To Stop Drafts, Retain Heat And Stay Safe During A Power Outage

Posted on: 4 March 2016

Experiencing a power outage is uncomfortable in any weather. However, one that occurs during the winter can be deadly, especially if your heat relies on electricity to function. Factors such as the outside temperatures and the home's insulation R-value will contribute to the length of time it will take for the interior temperatures to fall to unsafe levels, once the heat stops working. The following tips will help you stop drafts, retain heat and remain safe until the power (and heat!
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Use Fabric Scraps To Make Sachets That Are Filled With Potpourri

Posted on: 17 February 2016

Make some sachets out of scrap pieces of fabric and fill them with your favorite potpourri by completing the following steps. Secure the sachets with decorative ribbon and add embellishments to them before placing them in parts of your home that you would like to add a pleasant scent to. Materials piece of cardboard ruler marker sharp scissors scrap pieces of fabric (various colors and textures) potpourri decorative ribbon beads (various colors) embellishments (self-adhesive rhinestones, gems, or stickers) clear labels Create A Pattern, Cut The Fabric, And Add Potpourri
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