5 Ways To Maximize The Form And Function Of Double Islands

Posted on: 9 February 2023


One of the hottest trends in kitchen remodeling today is the double island. But what should you do with that second island? Although it's often presented as a twin of the closer one, it represents an opportunity to elevate your kitchen. To help you avoid the tendency to play it safe with the double island, here are a few great ways to use your second one instead. 

1. Corral Your Guests. A row of seating placed on the outside edges of the second island makes both guests and cooks happy. It encourages guests and family members to engage with those working in the kitchen but keeps them physically out of the kitchen at the same time. By dedicating one whole island to guest seating, you can still maximize the use of the other. 

2. Create an Entertainment Zone. The second island is the bridge between the kitchen and other entertainment spaces. So make its purpose to serve as an entertaining hub. Install a second sink, wine chiller, serving ware, and dish storage similar to a full bar. Store your entertainment gear in this space so it's accessible. And have fun with its design. 

3. Replace the Dining Table. That second island can become even more functional if you use it to replace an often-underused piece of furniture: the dining room table. A single large island can comfortably seat four, six, or eight people. And the right design will make it both enjoyable as a dining table as well as useful for under-counter storage. 

4. Place Them Side-by-Side. Most people envision a pair of islands stationed with their long sides parallel, one closer to the kitchen and one farther away. But a more visually captivating layout is to place them in a row with the short ends facing one another. 

5. Make One Mobile. Having a double island is fun, but it's also a significant use of kitchen real estate. And two large, permanent islands can make the space less flexible and responsive to changing needs. Fix this problem by making one of them mobile. Making it roll easily makes it constantly mobile but you might just design it as something you can move occasionally. 

Where to Start

Which of these unique double island functions and styles is right for your new kitchen? Find out by meeting with a local kitchen remodeling service in your area today. With their training and expertise, you'll soon have a set of islands that brings both form and function to the kitchen.