• Why Peer Review Might Be Helpful When You're An Architect

    As a licensed, educated, and experienced architect, you might feel pretty confident about your skills overall, and you might not feel as if you need to have your work looked over by others. However, you may want to explore the option of peer reviews. With a peer review, you can have your work looked over by others who are in your field. Architectural peer reviews can be very helpful for these reasons and more.
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  • Planning An Open Home Layout? 5 Flow Mistakes To Avoid

    Do you want to build an open floor plan home? Modern homeowners increasingly enjoy open floor plans for their flexibility, improved entertainment options, and airy appeal. But to make the most of your open floor plan, you will need to pay special attention to the flow in this important, vast area. What flow mistakes should you avoid? Here are five of the most important aspects of interior design for an open concept.
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  • Tips for Buying New Window Blinds

    Blinds are one of the more common treatment options for windows. If you're ready to enhance your windows with a new set of blinds, consider using the following tips.  Decide What Amount of Light Is Ideal Blinds are designed to block light coming into your home, but the amount of light they block can vary. You want to carefully get this attribute right so that the blinds perform great and save you from having to send the blinds back shortly after receiving them.
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