Make An Ideal Home For People And Cats With Interior Design Services

Posted on: 1 June 2022


After becoming the owner of multiple cats, you may go shopping for furniture and toys to accommodate their needs. While these things cover the basics, you might find that your house is not well-suited for people and cats to coexist together in an optimal way. A good solution is to hire a professional who can change and improve your home's interior design.

Litter Boxes

A common way to set up litter boxes is to put them in empty spaces around your house. While this might prevent furniture crowding, you may run into other problems. A litter box might be in plain sight while sitting on a couch or lying in your bed. Another possibility is the box being close enough to where you sit that you can smell everything when your cats use the bathroom.

An interior designer will figure out where to put litter boxes so your cats enjoy using them and the people in the house do not smell or see anything. While you may expect to see the litter boxes while walking around, you can invest in furniture that can fit a litter box inside. You can tell a designer that you want litter box furniture, and they will find ideal pieces for your home.

Scratching posts

Setting up scratching posts in your home is important because you want to encourage your cats to use them over the furniture. However, sometimes the existence of a scratching post is not enough for your cats to use them reliably. A possible solution is investing in horizontal and vertical scratching posts in strategic locations because most cats have scratching preferences.

An interior designer might notice that some of your furniture has already been damaged from cat scratching. So, they may put a scratching post close to the damaged furniture to draw your cats away to preserve the furniture piece's condition. The strategic addition of cat trees and scratching posts can keep your home attractive while satisfying your cats' needs.


When you bring cats into your home, you may see their incredible agility and flexibility in no time. The problem with your cats getting everywhere in the house is that they can knock over decorations and cause damage to items or harm to your family. An interior designer will remove glass, ceramic, and fragile decorations at risk of damage off shelves and tables.

Create a home ideal for people and cats with interior design services.