4 Key Floor Layout Elements For An Effective Office Plan

Posted on: 28 July 2020


Whether you're rearranging an existing office or setting up a new one, the layout can be one of the most important factors affecting how productive and comfortable it will be. The right furniture layout will facilitate work and traffic, while the wrong one can make things difficult. To avoid the latter problem, here are four key elements of good layout for any office. 

1. A Clear Entry

How easy is it for you and others to enter your office and feel that they are welcome and that you are a professional? If the entry area is cluttered or off-putting, this is the first impression visitors will have. The result might appear disorganized, chaotic, or uninviting. Instead, curate the impression you want to make by placing yourself in the role of visitors in the entry and considering what they see and feel. 

2. Desk Placement

The placement of your desk is a balancing act between focusing on work and being open to visitors. Most people prefer to place their desk where they can easily see people coming and going from their office. This also generally creates an obstacle-free entry for visitors. If you worry about being distracted by what goes on outside the office, consider using a 30- or 45-degree angle instead. 

3. Traffic Routes

How easy is it for people to move around your office? Along with a clear path into the room, visitors should be able to move in a fairly straight line to where they will most likely need to go. If you have a small meeting table, for instance, it should be easily visible from the door and there should not be obstacles between it and the door.

Consider the size of groups you tend to host in the office as well. If you might have more than one person at a time, leave more free floor space without obstacles and use flexible furnishings that can expand or contract to work with different needs. 

4. Efficient Work Area

Of course, visitors are only a small portion of the use of your office area. Your comfort and efficiency should take priority if you regularly spend long hours inside. Place what you regularly use — including a desk, printer, file cabinets, a computer, or phone/video equipment — within no more than a few steps. The less you need to get up to do your work, the more likely you are to complete tasks. 

As you consider these four key areas of floor layout in any office, the ideal solution for your own office will become clear. And you'll design a space that you can work efficiently and comfortably in as well as where you can be a good host for all your visitors. Want more ideas? Start by meeting with an office furniture supplier like Interior Landscapes in your area today.