Reasons To Place A Wooden Frame Around Your TV

Posted on: 14 December 2019


Most people who mount their TVs on the wall are content to hang the device in a preferred location and look forward to countless hours of watching it. If you're a person with an acute sense of style who wants to augment the look of the TV, one option is to place a wooden frame around it. This interior design idea is relatively easy to do, and you can choose a variety of styles of wood. For example, you might select wood that matches your hardwood flooring or, if you favor a vintage look, you might choose a frame out of barn board wood. Here are some reasons that you might wish to place a wooden frame around your TV.

To Better Suit The Space

Sometimes, a wall-mounted TV can stand out in a room because of how it doesn't match with the other elements. For example, you might not have many black decorations, nor might you have many things that are made of plastic. This can result in the TV becoming a bit of a focal point for the wrong reasons — which isn't something that you want. Choosing to frame the TV in wood can help it to better suit the space. Whether you match the style of wood to another type of wood in the room or you simply find a wood that complements the overall feel, the TV will seem more like it belongs.

To Soften The Edges

You might be the type of person who prefers soft edges in the various rooms of your home — and maybe go to considerable lengths to choose decorative elements that possess this attribute. A TV's four sharp corners probably won't be in alignment with your design sense, and this can make you not a fan of how it looks on your wall. If you choose a wooden frame with rounded edges and corners, you'll find that it can dramatically change the look of the TV — turning it from an object with sharp corners to one that is visually softer.

To Disguise Branding

Virtually all TVs have their brand names labeled at the bottom them, and you might not be someone who enjoys seeing this type of wording. Similarly, you might have a TV from a high-end brand or a low-end brand, and not want visitors to your home to be able to estimate how much you spent on the device. A wooden frame around the TV that covers the TV's branding will prevent people from focusing on which manufacturer produced the TV.

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