Six Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bohemian

Posted on: 25 June 2019


You feel like a free spirit, but your bedroom doesn't match how you feel. It needs a different look, and you'd like to make it look much more Bohemian. There are six ways to make your bedroom look more Bohemian.

1. Incorporate Nature

Look for ways to incorporate nature. Bohemian style is always close to nature. If you're lucky to have a bedroom that opens out into the outdoors, make sure to use curtains so you can open the curtains and see nature in all its beauty. 

2. Keep Your Bed Low

A Bohemian bed needs to be low to the ground. You need to feel like you can easily fall into your bed. Some Bohemian homes will even skip over the frame and simply place the mattress on the floor. 

3. Mix Colors and Patterns

Try to mix colors and patterns almost recklessly. Bohemian is a very eclectic style, and you'll want all sorts of splashes of color. Florals and ethnic patterns are very welcome in a Bohemian space. Earthy, metallic, and jewel colors are a great choice. Fortunately, since you can mix-and-match fabrics so much, you don't have to worry about finding the right fabric.

4. Be Careful with Your Furniture

One approach to Bohemian style is to avoid conventional furniture wherever you can. However, this can also make your bedroom look very wild, and you may find it better to keep the furniture modern and use Bohemian decorations to give your home enough flair to keep it from looking cliche. 

5. Incorporate Wood

Wood is a very important part of the Bohemian style. You may use wood furniture, or you may simply have a touch of wood. Old or worn out wood can often look the best. For example, you might include a worn-out wooden crate and fill it with your favorite books. Or, you could have wood flooring in your bedroom.

6. Add Succulents

Include succulents wherever you can. These plants are ideal for the indoors because the indoors tend to be dryer. If you'll be using plants that are less happy in dry conditions, consider using a humidifier or using a spray bottle to mist your plants to keep them moist.

If you're still scratching your head over how you could make your bedroom look more Bohemian, turn to interior design services for help. When you toss a few ideas around, a professional will help you bring your dream bedroom to life.