Done With Drapes: When Everything You See Is Drab And Dull, Custom Drapes Help

Posted on: 9 December 2018


Everywhere you go, every drape cloth sample you look at makes you sigh. It just is not what you want or what you are looking for. Before you go home and rip down every drape in your home and decide to throw them on the fire, stop. There are custom drapes out there, and there are custom drape shops. The best part is, you can bring the shop whatever fabric you like most, and they will design drapes around that fabric. Here is how the custom drape shop can help take the drab and dull out of your drapes.

Combine Styles to Make Totally New Styles

​The straight, the lacey, the scalloped; all these designs for drapes are outdated. However, drape designers can take everything they know about drapes, mix it up, and create completely modern and new drape designs. The custom drape designer will show you hundreds of designs and ask what you like best (your top five or top ten drape features). Then the designer will take your favorites, mix them up, and create a whole new look. He/she will not only create a single design for you, but at least three or four other designs as well. You can approve what you like about these new mixed designs, and then the designer mixes things up again. This process can repeat until you see something that is just perfectly extraordinary and extraordinarily perfect.

Bring Your Own Fabric

​The biggest problem most consumers have with drapes, even custom drapes, is that they do not like the fabrics. Okay, so bring your own fabric. No joke; walk into a fabric store, pick out exactly the fabrics and trims you want, and bring them with the drape shop. The designer knows enough about fabrics and trims that it will be easy to design and sew something regardless of what you bring in to the designer.

​Do Not Forget to Bring Window Dimensions!

​Custom drapes are good and well, but your designer will still need the dimensions of your windows. Without the dimensions, the drapes cannot be made to fit the windows you have. If you want the drapes to be mounted beyond the frames of the windows, bring dimensions that go along with your mounting intentions for the drapes. If you want the drapes to not cover the entire length of the windows, measure from where you will hang the drapes to where you want the drapes to stop.