Have More Shoes Than Imelda Marcos Or More Shorts Than Richard Simmons? Storage Solutions

Posted on: 10 April 2018


Humans love to collect stuff. It causes the pleasure centers in the human brain to light up like fireworks every time you get something new to add to your collection. No truer or more obvious proof is found than in those folks who collect clothes, shoes, and/or accessories.

If you want examples, there is Imelda Marcos, former first lady of the Philippines, who horded expensive designer shoes by the thousands, or the four hundred pairs of Dolfin shorts purportedly owned by Richard Simmons. If you, yourself, collect clothing, shoes, and/or accessories, you need a place to put them where you can see what you have. Here is how to manage your own fashion horde.

You Need a Walk-in Closet

Talk to walk-in closet designers. You clearly need closet space that houses your fashion collection, and a walk-in closet is perfect. If the closet is large enough, you will be able to arrange all of your clothing and shoes in such a way that you can see all of your options as you turn in a complete circle or sit on the dressing bench in the middle.

Additionally, make sure your walk-in closet is far away from a bathroom, the first floor of your home, and definitely not in a basement. (Ms. Marcos's collection was badly damaged in a flood at one point because she stored a lot in the palace basement. Oops.)

Rotary Dry Cleaner's Rack

You have seen a dry cleaner's rack at some point. When you walk in with a claim ticket, the dry cleaner presses a button and a rack overhead spins around until you get to where your clothes are hung on said rack. You could install such racks in your home, and then you can press buttons to spin your clothes around until you get to the item you want to wear. It is also a fun way to see so many colors and styles in motion, if you become bored.

Train Station Lockers

Shoes need something more creative, and a little more waterproof. See if you can purchase a wall of train station/pool house lockers (you know the kind, metal, with the funny little rubber-topped keys). These lack vents and are made of metal, making them really effective at storing shoes. Better still, you can easily add a shelf in each locker so that you can store at least two pairs of shoes in each locker