Use Fabric Scraps To Make Sachets That Are Filled With Potpourri

Posted on: 17 February 2016


Make some sachets out of scrap pieces of fabric and fill them with your favorite potpourri by completing the following steps. Secure the sachets with decorative ribbon and add embellishments to them before placing them in parts of your home that you would like to add a pleasant scent to.


  • piece of cardboard
  • ruler
  • marker
  • sharp scissors
  • scrap pieces of fabric (various colors and textures)
  • potpourri
  • decorative ribbon
  • beads (various colors)
  • embellishments (self-adhesive rhinestones, gems, or stickers)
  • clear labels

Create A Pattern, Cut The Fabric, And Add Potpourri

Lay a piece of cardboard on a flat surface. Use a ruler and marker to create a square-shaped pattern that has straight, equal sides. Use scissors to cut out the cardboard pattern and trace it on several, pieces of fabric. Cut the fabric pieces out and lay them next to each other with the bottom side of each piece facing upwards. Arrange a couple pinches of potpourri in the center of each one. 

Secure The Sachets And Add Colorful Beads

Cut equal pieces of decorative ribbon that are a couple feet long. Grasp the four edges of one of the pieces of fabric and hold them together, being careful not to spill the potpourri that is in the center of it. Tie a piece of ribbon around the edges so that they are all bunched together. Form a bow with the ribbon. Secure a piece of decorative ribbon around the remaining pieces of fabric. Tie colorful beads to the ends of each piece of ribbon if you would like the sachets to have a more decorative appearance.

Add Embellishments

If any plain-colored pieces of fabric were used to make the sachets, embellish them with self-adhesive rhinestones, gems, or stickers. Place the decorative pieces on various parts of each sachet. You can also add an inspirational quotes or one of your favorite sayings across each one by using a marker to write them on plain labels before adhering one of them to each sachet.

Enjoy The Sachets

Place the sachets in various parts of your home that you would like to freshen up. Not only will you be able to enjoy the pleasant scent that they emit, but they will also add a decorative touch wherever they are placed. If you enjoy the sachets, make new ones in the future to give away to your family members and friends so that they can enjoy some, as well. 

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